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The Bright Side is the Right Side

There are a lot of people who would love to believe that good things happen to good people. I used to believe that, but I was constantly faced with examples in my life where I found the opposite to be true. I've seen people I care about get the crappy end of a bad situation through no fault of their own. This is a tough thing to swallow; doing everything right and still external forces or circumstances prevent your success.

When this happens, it feels like a punch in the gut. It would be understandable for you to say a few choice words and stop trying to accomplish that goal or task. I've done that too, before. The reason we have this urge to give up out of frustration is because we convince ourselves that we are less able than we are. We constantly remind ourselves of our failures and talk down to ourselves. If you say you don't talk to yourself, then you're lying to yourself too. Everyone does it. The thing is; our internal dialogue has no filter. What we feel emotionally is being expressed internally through our self talk.

Our internal self talk allows us to work through problems, clarify opinions, and make plans. So, if you're feeling sad or lonely then your self talk might go like something like this, "Nobody will love me." Or "I'm the most depressing person ever."  Negative self talk is extremely detrimental to to our motivation and self esteem.

How do we combat that negative self talk? Using affirmations. Developing positive affirmations that directly counter the negative dialogue that swirls around in our head will begin to slow things down. What I mean by 'directly countering' our negative talk is creating affirmations that are opposites of the negative statements that resonate with you. So, if you tell yourself "Nobody will love me.", your positive affirmation should be, "I'm worthy of being loved." You see, it's a numbers game. You want to tip the scale in your favor by reciting the positive statement more times than you say the negative.

So, you've identified the negative statement that you constantly tell yourself. You've developed the affirmation that directly counters your negative one. Now you need to remind yourself to practice saying this statement daily. I like writing it on an index card and placing it somewhere I will see daily. Like my bathroom mirror, taped to my coffee maker, or the visor of my car. You need to practice saying this affirmation, because at first it's very well likely that you won't believe this positive statement you're reciting. How could you when you've been saying the negative statement for years? So keep at it and repeat your positive affirmations multiple times throughout the day until it starts really changing your view of yourself. #SolutionFocused #DailyAffirmations #FreeToBe

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