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Progress is Better than Perfection

Believe me, I understand that life does a great job of throwing at us circumstances that make us question our current track. Obstacles are common place, but skillfully and confidently navigating around and through them is not. We’ve been told that the best way to be successful is by anticipating the barriers and being prepared to deal with them. This, however, can confuse some people into thinking they must list out every obstacle before they make any meaningful move towards action. They may say that they are just being prepared, but in actuality they are testing the waters and seeing if they should even attempt what they are exploring. They are in effect looking for excuses to give up before even trying.

Some phrases you might hear are: “The time isn’t right.”, “I’m not ready.”, or “Once I take care of other things, I can focus on this.”

Sound familiar? Waiting until the path seems clear and obstruction-free? Unfortunately that will never be the case. The time will never be just right. You may always have some doubt or fear or life difficulties. It happens constantly without relenting. You will always have other issues happening in your life that require attention as well, but here is what I wish I knew 15 years ago. (I’m 31 by the way.)

The perfect time to go after your dreams is RIGHT NOW. For those of you who don’t have kids, have no debt, and in perfect health the time for action is RIGHT NOW.

For those of you who are fed up with your 9-5, barely making ends meet, you have 3 kids, a mountain of student loans, and a chronic illness the perfect time to act is still RIGHT NOW.

What I’m getting at is; there will never be a better time than now to attack your fears, embrace your dreams, and shape your future. You can come up with many, very reasonable, excuses as to why now isn’t a good time to start. Those excuses will be what bury you in fear today and regret tomorrow. Just start now, somehow, anyhow and you’ll adjust things as you go. This is about taking action, not talking about action. It’s not just planning success, its creating it then embracing it.

I don’t want to scare you, but I think you’re ready. You’re ready to take the reins of action and make a movement today… wait, I mean NOW!

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