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Building Your A-Team

In my journey to change the world (Yes, I'm that deliberate in my pursuits) I have come to realize long ago that efforts and skill alone will not be enough. There are times when the last person you should be listening to is yourself. Those moments when you have been knocked down repeatedly, you’re stuck in your head, and you’re probably not the best person to assess the situation. Its times like these when having people around you or reachable can be most helpful. The group of people that you CHOOSE to keep company with should be those who have your success in mind. In turn, you should also have their success in mind too. The group, team, or whatever you choose to call them (The A-Team?) is your backup for the times when you need a somewhat objective eye and a reminder as to why you are working so hard to achieve this goal.

If your team is not aware of what you are working on, however, they will have a difficult time giving you the right feedback and encouragement at the right time. So, fill them in on what your goals generally are and the deadlines you have set for yourself. I’m not a fan of posting every minute detail of your plan in public places such as social media. Many articles and lists will suggest to do this in order to have your 1k+ Facebook friends keep you motivated. But let’s be honest. When you announce that you will be going to the gym 4 days a week in this new year, after the first week you only workout only 3 days instead of 4, who is going to notice? Not many people, besides your high school ex who stalks your profile daily.

No, telling a well selected group of people that you are working on a specific goal and working to achieve it by a particular date will make them feel personally invested in your success. This is important. They will check in and may even give you some advice from their own experience. This is the premise behind mastermind groups. If you have never heard of this, please take the time and look it up. This is a group of people who meet regularly with the purpose of keeping each other accountable to the goals they have set and providing feedback and encouragement. The best mastermind groups are those that have members who are intelligent, selfless, and passionate. You want to surround yourself with people having these qualities because in your toughest moments these individuals will know how to push you to take bold, deliberate action to finding a solution. Today, start working on your A-Team.

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