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The Year You Win

Happy New Year,

There’s not much more I can say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said. Quite simply, it really sucked. All the hopes and expectations we put on the beginning of a new decade were quickly thrown away when we were confronted with a pandemic and response that destroyed the lives of many.

For us today, we can choose to be grateful we have another opportunity to start new again. A chance to be hopeful again that this year can be great. I won’t pretend or even suggest the struggles of the past year are over, but I would simply encourage you to consider the possibility you are better prepared to adjust your expectations without the pain of 2020. If it’s possible that you learned something last year, if it’s possible that you’re a little stronger, more resilient, then 2021 can really be the upswing that you’ve been waiting for. The life that you want for yourself and your family is more attainable when you charge ahead towards goals you’ve clearly defined.

That’s why rallying all your strength, your emotional reserves, your support network is the only requirement to make the kind of progress you envision. You’ll leverage all your resources for that preferred future. I’ve seen it done; I’ve done it myself. I’ve seen people stumble; I’ve stumbled myself. This is all to say that the outcome rests solely with you and your ability to respond effectively to changing circumstances. BE ready and accept every stumble as a moment to adjust your stride. But don’t stop or worse; turn back.

You are worthy and deserving of the future you’ve envisioned in your heart. You have already sacrificed. You have already endured pain and loss. But you haven’t lost faith. I believe you are ready to face everything 2021 will throw at you. And I know you will rise above feelings of doubt, fear, and suffering.

2021 is the year you win. -Ken

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