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Kency Gilet Describes Relationship Red Flags

Long-term committed relationships are based on the premise that you ‘really know your partner’. It’s learning the predictable habits that make us feel emotionally secure.

When unexplained changes in personality and habits take place, there should be at least some cause for concern.

If the communication you once had with your partner is now strained, short, or infrequent then it is possible that they are getting their need for communication somewhere else.

If the frequency of sexual intimacy has noticeably decreased OR increased in your relationship, then something (or someone) may be fulfilling your partner’s sexual needs, creating sexual frustration, or making your partner feel guilty.

An early warning sign is a change in social media habits; if your partner is more active on social media without any noticeable reason, then understand that he/she is getting a need met.

I’ve seen many relationships that have crumbled when iPhones, laptops, and social media accounts are suddenly protected more thoroughly than Fort Knox.

While everyone should have a measure of privacy, it is the sudden change in your partner’s behavior that should be a red flag.

As you can see, the biggest indicators that a partner may be cheating are unexplained changes in personality and behaviors.

If you notice a change in your partner, take the initiative and engage in thoughtful, non-confrontational talk to openly communicate your concern.

There are many reasons why people change; give your partner the benefit of an honest conversation.

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