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How Meditation Immediately Changed My Life

For the last 3 weeks I’ve incorporated meditation, mindfulness, and slow deep breathing into my daily morning and evening routines. Have I noticed any impact in my daily experience?

1. At first I did not notice any difference. But I realize now this had more to do with my early skepticism. Once I fully embraced the science that support these practices, I began to feel more energized in the morning and more at easy before bed.

2. I found throughout my day I was able to take 2-5 minute breaks to pause and practice controlled breathing to reducing my stress level and increase focus on my work.

3. I was better able to recognized positive moments in my day and was able to fully enjoy and engage these experiences.

4. I have become really good at identifying energy drains in my day: negative people, negative conversations, and negative thoughts. And then deliberately move away from these things.

5. The most noticeable thing that has changed in my life since practicing (takes a lot of committed practice) these skills was that I stopped rushing to do things, get things, fix things. I stopped running around like I was so used to. Operating at 150% all the time is exhausting, so now that every step is deliberate I can conserve my energy for the moments it’s needed most.

I am now an advocate for taking moments to practice slow deep breathing, meditation, and simply grounding yourself in the moment to reprioritize your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


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